The continent of Krinoch is a dark and perilous place filled with many dangers. Nearly ten years ago Erdrick Barringway led a rebellion to seize control of the Ebon Throne, and end more than two-hundred years of tiefling domination.

Now is approaching the tenth-anniversary of his reign, and the birthday of his eldest daughter. For this he has announced a grand tournament, men and women from all over the kingdoms will be traveling to the capital to compete.

Episode One:
A group of bandits have been terrorizing travelers along the North Road, one of the principal roadways that connect various areas of the kingdoms. These bandits have been robbing and sometimes killing travelers along the roads. Now it seems that they have taken to the burning and pillaging of farmsteads.

Lord Falstead, one of the minor nobles of the Riverlands has expressed grave concern regarding these increasing attacks, and has promised that the situation will be dealt with. To date however, Lord Falsteads men have turned up nothing. Search patrols return empty handed, or don’t return at all.

In a small inn known as the Crossed Swords tensions mount as men and women complain about these bandits, and the apparent ineptitude of Lord Falstead and his men.