The World

Known Facts: A year consists of 336 days, divided into twelve months of twenty-eight days each. Each month begins with the first day following the New Moon. The calendar is based on the ancient reckoning of the dragons. Each new year begins on the first day of Spring.

Regions of Krinoch

These lands are the breadbasket of Krinoch, a rich and fertile area crisscrossed with many rivers and dotted with airy forests. There are also many farms and villages which lie in the shadow of ancient castles.

The Riverlands are ruled over by House D’Wynter from their castle at Highbank.

The North
The lands known as the North are the largest of Krinoch. It is a sparsely populated land with tiny villages and hold fasts. Little has changed in the north since the days when Krinoch was first settled, or so the legends say. The southern border of the North is an area known as Northmoor, it’s northern border is the Great Wall, 325 miles from end to end. Built during a bygone age, here men made a bastion of defense built last forever.

The North is ruled over by House Rayburn from their castle at Shadow-Ridge.

The Vale
The Vale is a rocky mountainous land with many valleys which lie in the shadow of towering mountains. The tallest mountains in all of Krinoch can be found in the vale.

The Vale is ruled over by House Malanova from the Overlook.

The Stormlands
South of the capital, these lands are surrounded by water, the coasts are rocky, waves crash with the sounds of thunder.

The Stormlands are ruled over by House Barringway from their castle Stormhold.

Western Holds
This area is famed for its abundance of gold, it is from the Western Holds that House Thorne rose to become one of the major players in the political sphere of Krinoch, dating back even to the times before the days of the Tiefling Kings.

The Western Holds are ruled over by House Thorne from the Golden Halls.

The Black Isles
In ages past the Black Isles were the home of raiders. These islands do not possess much arable soil, so very little grows there. Today the Isles get most of the supplies they need through trade with nearby regions.

The Black Isles are ruled over by House Oliver.

The Garden
A large area southwest of the capital. This area was one of the first to be settled by Krinoch’s earliest settlers. ??? is home to one of the oldest cities in all of Krinoch. Hesjing Svent was built by the dragonborn during the days of their ancient empire. Most people today simply call the town Old Svent. Hesjing Svent is home to one of the only academies for arcane learning on the continent. This is also one of the most agriculturally rich areas in all of Krinoch.

The seat of power in the Garden is Brightstone, ruled over by House Adaan.

Economy of Krinoch

The current standard for coinage throughout the lands. A typical coin is about one inch in size and weights roughly a 1/3 ounce. 50 coins makes up a pound. After Erdrick seized power from the Tiefling kings he ordered new currency to be made. This currency includes a bust of Erdrick with 282 YK on one side, and the symbol of House Barringway on the reverse.

Dwarven currency weighs as much as the human equivalent, but instead of round the coins are hexagonal. The dwarven holds will honor currency from the human and elven lands.

Elven currency is about the same as human coinage, but the designs on the coins are much more elaborate, often with leaf patterns on each coin.

There are currently places where King Erdrick mints currency. These are in the capital itself, Hesjing Svent, and in Dragonport to the north.

The World

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