The Crossed Swords

The Crossed Swords
An inn and tavern that sits at a major crossroads halfway between the North and the capital further to the south. It is named for a pair of swords that are mounted up behind the bar.

The Crossed Swords is owned by a human woman named Morah Hallworth and her husband Groff Hallworth. Morah inherited the business from her grandfather.

The Crossed Swords used to be a manor house. Many years ago the original building was destroyed in a fire, and rebuilt to be an inn. The original foundations were still strong and so the modern inn was built atop the existing foundation.

There are three floors to the inn, a cellar where there are cots and spaces for squires and servants, also in the cellar are a number of kegs for ales, beers and wine. The ground floor, contains the kitchen and sleeping quarters for Morah and her husband. The common room is usually packed with a variety of interesting patrons.

The second floor contains the guest rooms, and the largest most luxurious suite in the Crossed Swords. Then there is the attic, which also includes a number of cots and small guest rooms for those who really only want a bed.

Outside there is a barn which has been converted to serve as a stables, and behind the inn is a modest garden where Morsha grows vegetables for food stuffs. Just past the garden lies Caercot Forest, Groff occasionally ventures into Caercot to hunt deer and other game.

A typical room in the Crossed Swords costs 5 sp per day, the better rooms cost 2 gp per day.

First Floor
Just inside the door against the east wall is what has become jokingly called the “Hero’s Call Board.” It is a place where travelers can post notices, people seeking

The Queen’s Suite is the most famous room at the Crossed Swords, about 40 years ago Queen Bryseis Pyrelord, first wife of Xavros Pyrelord. Bryseis spent the better part of a year staying at the Crossed Swords.

The Queen’s Suite is also reported to be haunted by the spirit of Queen Bryseis.

The Crossed Swords

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