The Academy

The Academy

Home of the Kaddastrei.

One of the most dominating buildings in all of Hesjing Svent. The Academy is the formal hall where the arts of wizardry are taught. The Academy is also a repository for all arcane knowledge.

Members of all arcane classes are permitted entry, so long as they can pass “the test.”

During the days of the Tiefling Empire arcane learning was so strictly regulated that children showing magical ability were taken from their homes to train at the academy. In some places this was seen as a great honor, and the families gave up their children willingly, in others not so much and steps are taken to hide the child.

Ten years ago, when Erdrick Barringway began to sit upon the Ebon Throne, these practices were abandoned, and the study of arcane learning was opened to all.

Most apprentices begin their studies as early as six years of age, believed to be the best time for honing the mind.

Walster Earthenlore (dwarf wizard) is currently the First-Magus of the Academy.

The Basement:

The lobby is here, as are the dormitories for apprentice mages.

Second-level: The storeroom and quarters for the senior mages, those who have passed their exams and have become full members of the circle.

Third-level: Here is the Great Hall of the academy, also includes many classrooms for arcane learning.



The Academy

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