As of now we have a total of eight players wanting to play in Perilous Knights! I consider this campaign to now be full. Plus managing more than eight PCs is a monumental task. So here’s what I’d like you all to do.

Send me a wishlist of three to five uncommon magic items that your character would be interested in finding. Yes I said uncommon, rare items are totally in my wheelhouse and I’ll decide which ones you find and when you find them. Although it is known that the previous dynasty destroyed many magic items. Tee hee…

These magic items you list can not be more than four levels above your character at any time. If you see one you like make note of it for later.

Any previous RP that took place in the Crossed Swords prior to campaign start is now void. The campaign will begin with the PCs arrival at the Crossed Swords and lead up to the first night. It is currently the middle of winter, and cold-weather gear may be advisable.

More details to follow.


Perilous Knights carpe_dm