Minor Houses

The major houses may hold most of the power. But the first nobles that many will encounter are the scions of the minor houses. They are many.

House Falstead
Sworn banners of House Kohl. House Falstead’s territory includes the lands surrounding the Crossed Swords, a popular inn/tavern in the Riverlands. Also among the Falsteads lands is a portion of Caercot Forest, said to be a dark and dangerous place.

House Hallworth
Not a true house in the nobility sense. Sir Alexx Hallworth was a landed knight, he was given a small enough tract of land by his liege-lord as a reward for his many years of dedicated service. Upon these lands Sir Alexx built a modest house which stands to this day.

House Kohl
Sworn banners of House D’Wynter. House Kohl maintains a small keep near Riverton.

Minor Houses

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