Major Houses

The political structure of Krinoch is very feudal, Lords rule over tracts of land, which they may parcel out to lesser lords, who can give areas to knights, etc. Although all of Krinoch is ruled by whomever sits upon the Ebon Throne, each Lord is ultimately responsible for their own territories.

This is a list of only the largest or most influential houses in all of Krinoch.

House Barringway

House Thorne
Lords of the Western Holds

House Malanova
Lords of the Vale.

House D’Wynter
Lords of the Riverlands.

House Rayburn
Lords of the North

House Norreraheal

House Azaer
One of the few remaining tiefling houses in all of Krinoch. House Azaer is more of a merchant house than a political house.

Major Houses

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